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We can only make designs that you have permission to create. We cannot make

copyrighted or licensed images that we do not have permission to create.

Many schools have requested designs that kids can wear to school functions and designs that parents can stick to their cars to show their school spirit.  We are pleased to announce many new designs for kids and parents to wear and to use as school fund raisers!  Check out our product page to see many of the designs available.


We have a few ways for you to sell FanBling for your school. You can place a minimum of 200 piece order from our catalog, or place a custom design order with a minimum of 200 pieces.  From there, you can either sell them at your books store or event, or we can provide you with order forms for the kids to sell.  Contact us for a price quote for both.


You can either request order forms or you can download the forms for the kids to get started. Tell us which mascot you would like to include along with your school colors, and we will provide your school with the order forms that include your specific designs!



Order form for schools- Choose 20 favorite designs you would like to include on your order form, call for details. Establish a 3 weeks selling cycle. Promote the school bling. We offer samples, prizes, and a QR code for mobile viewing. Scan the QR code on the order form to pick and choose one of the standard mascots and specified color/colors.  OR, send us your school mascot to be included on the order form.


Order form for students- Choose 20 favorite designs you would like to include on your order form, call for details. Will include all of our designs and one school mascot.  A QR code will be provided on the order form to scan and review all of the designs.



FanBling is pleased to offer the following designs for your school.  Choose one animal mascot in your schools color.  Choose the paw prints in your color.  All designs are offered in the colors noted.


We will provide you with order forms for your school based on the mascot and colors  you choose.


Bulldog- Cougar- Eagle- Falcon- Gator- Huskies- Indians- Knights- Lions- Longhorns- Panther- Tiger- Viking- Wildcat


The adhesive used on FanBling is the same as you would find on a band-aid it is latex based.  To re-apply use  either  your standard Elmers , Spirit gum, or eyelash glue. However rare, if you have ever had a reaction to a latex or to the band-aid adhesive do not put FanBling on your skin. We recommend keeping FanBling on your skin for only a few days.  If you want to put FanBling on anything other than skin, use the appropriate adhesive to re-apply, there is fabric glue, do not wash FanBling, remove it and re-apply. The adhesive on FanBling is a latex type adhesive and works well for car windows.  We have seen FanBling stay on car windows for years, the stones will fade but usually last for about a year.


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