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FanBling offers wholesale orders of either customized designs or stock items from our Gallery link. There are over 50 designs of mascots, sports, seasonal, and other fun stuff. FanBling crystal stickers are available in most logos and mascots, and in many colors. Call or write to us for samples of your school, team, or business logo.


Designs are all one piece, self-adhesive, re-usable, skin safe and can stick to anything! Show your spirit on your body or on anything else.  FanBling crystal logos and mascots look great on your car window, cellphone, clothing, glass patio door, backpacks, school locker, and just about anything else.


Prices will vary depending upon size and amount of crystals.  Custom minimums are 200 pieces, wholesale stock items are available at 150 piece minimums. Most designs fit on a business card and are approximately 2" x 2.5.


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Manufactured suggested retail price- $5.99 for one or 4 for $20.


FanBling fits on a standard size business card.

 Attach your design to your own business card as a fun giveaway to promote your child's school or team.  "A portion of all proceeds will benefit the team logo featured."

We can only make designs that you have permission to create. We cannot make

copyrighted or licensed images that we do not have permission to create.

The pink crystal Cardinal mascot was created for the St. Louis Cardinals' Opening Day 2014. FanBling is for everyone and looks great on Mike Shannon's lapel!


The adhesive used on FanBling is the same as you would find on a band-aid it is latex based.  To re-apply use  either  your standard Elmers , Spirit gum, or eyelash glue. However rare, if you have ever had a reaction to a latex or to the band-aid adhesive do not put FanBling on your skin. We recommend keeping FanBling on your skin for only a few days.  If you want to put FanBling on anything other than skin, use the appropriate adhesive to re-apply, there is fabric glue, do not wash FanBling, remove it and re-apply. The adhesive on FanBling is a latex type adhesive and works well for car windows.  We have seen FanBling stay on car windows for years, the stones will fade but usually last for about a year.


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