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FanBling has been creating crystal stickers for almost 10 years.  We have over 50 different designs available.


FanBling has been available at wholesale prices to retail locations in Southern Florida and at Festivals across the country for many years.  Below, see some of the custom designs and logos we have created in the past for other  companies and businesses including Harley Davidson, St. Louis Cardinals, MGM, Carnival Cruise Lines,

and Margaritaville.



We can only make designs that you have permission to create. We cannot make

copyrighted or licensed images that we do not have permission to create.



FanBling is skin safe, all one piece, self- adhesive, re-usable, and can stick to anything!  FanBling looks great on your skin,  car,  cell phone, school  locker, and even clothing!  Most designs fit on a standard business size card,

2” x  2.5” as you can see from our packaging.

The adhesive used on FanBling is the same as you would find on a band-aid it is latex based.  To re-apply use  either  your standard Elmers , Spirit gum, or eyelash glue. However rare, if you have ever had a reaction to a latex or to the band-aid adhesive do not put FanBling on your skin. We recommend keeping FanBling on your skin for only a few days.  If you want to put FanBling on anything other than skin, use the appropriate adhesive to re-apply, there is fabric glue, do not wash FanBling, remove it and re-apply. The adhesive on FanBling is a latex type adhesive and works well for car windows.  We have seen FanBling stay on car windows for years, the stones will fade but usually last for about a year.


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